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Photo Facials and Thermo-Lo

Results May Vary

Clear, beautiful, blemish-free skin is something we all aspire to. While some of us feel the effects of years of sunbathing or skin that has been over-exposed to the weather, others are dealing with specific skin conditions such as acne or Rosacea. All of these types of blemishes can make us want to cover up or hide our skin rather than face the world.

Rejuvenations’ Palomar StarLux™ Process will give you a fast and painless way to experience smooth, clear skin and the poise and self-assurance that comes with it.

Gentle pulsed light technology
The StarLux™ Process uses pulsed light, rather than laser, to treat sunspots, age spots, and superficial blue, red or purple veins under the skin’s surface. It can also diffuse browning of the skin known as Actinic Bronzing, and treat breakouts of Rosacea and acne.

The StarLux™ Process treatment is faster and easier than most laser treatments. A pulsed light handpiece is moved over the skin, emitting light that breaks up the pigment in skin lesions or breaks down the tiny colored capillaries. Most people perceive the light as a gentle “snapping” sensation, which causes little to no discomfort. Any area of the body can be treated, including the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs.

Treatment is preformed by Rejuvenations’ highly trained technicians. They will administer the medical StarLux™ Photofacial treatment and can provide you with more information on the procedure. If you have further questions or would like to receive more information before booking your appointment, visit, or call us for a consultation.