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Tattoo Removal


Results May Vary

Rejuvenations Medi-Spa offers an effective solution to remove your unwanted tattoos. As a simple procedure, laser tattoo removal fits easily into your busy schedule. Laser tattoo removal works by focusing laser energy to break up the pigment and color in your tattoo. Our lasers are designed exclusively for tattoo removal – to give you the best results.

Rejuvenations Medi-Spa can remove a wide range of colors in tattoos and permanent makeup. Our lasers use two separate wavelengths of light to remove darker (black, purple, brown), brighter (red, yellow, orange), and stubborn blue-green tattoo pigments. The laser needs only a fraction of a second to break down the pigment allowing your treatment to be completed in only a short time. Tattoo removal lasers are safer, and do not penetrate the deeper layers of skin, making scarring very rare and healing very fast.

An average tattoo takes 6 to 15 treatments to remove completely. The number of treatments depends on the age, color, quality of ink, and technique used to create the tattoo.