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Repêchage Daily Skin Care ProgramsDry Skin: Hydra Dew™
Hydra Dew products are based on our Exclusive Hydra concept containing skin-quenching Marine Moisture Factor from seaweed to help balance and repair the skin barrier to combat fine lines, environmental aggressors, solar irritation, chemical irritation and free radical damage.Normal to Oily Skin: Hydra Refine®
Oily skin has a tendency to develop blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pores. An oily skin condition is caused by over-functioning sebaceous glands. Because pores can be clogged with make-up and debris as well as oil, Repêchage Hydra Refine products balance the skin’s pH and are non-comedogenic and non-occlusive.

Combination Skin: Balancing products
Combination skin is characterized by a poreless and smooth appearance on the cheeks, but with enlarged, clogged pores on the nose, forehead and chin. Repêchage products for combination skin are formulated with Saint John’s-Wort, a botanical cytoserum used to help balance the skin functions and to refine skin texture.

Problem/Oily Skin
Problem/oily skin is characterized by an oily and shiny appearance with a tendency to develop blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Surface dryness may also be experienced due to improper cleansing with alkaline soap or harsh acetone-based astringents. Repêchage products for problem/oily skin are carefully designed to counteract oiliness and fight pimple causing bacteria without drying out the surface of the skin.

Sensitive Skin: Hydra 4®
Sensitive skin reacts readily to a variety of factors such as specific chemicals, airborne debris or certain skin care ingredients (fragrance and chemical preservatives top the list). Symptoms of sensitive skin include blotchiness, breakouts or excessive dryness. Repêchage Hydra 4 products balance, soothe and protect while helping to decrease skin sensitivity.

Cell Renewal
Skin has the natural ability to renew itself. Otherwise, every tiny bump, cut and bruise from childhood would still be with us. However, as we get older, that natural renewal process slows down and the aging process is further accelerated by exposure to sun and the elements. The results are wrinkles and skin with a yellowish/gray tone. Repêchage cell renewal care is based upon the principles of exfoliation, hydration and protection.

Intensive Anti-Aging: Opti-Firm™
The Opti-Firm Skin Firming Series began with the discovery of a marine protein derived from the seaweed Aosa. Our findings have revealed that this seaweed is the first non-animal source of elastin discovered. Its powerful enzymatic properties strengthen and protect the skin’s natural connective tissue, the elastin and collagen network. Its clinically-proven powers help to rebuild aging skin, leaving it firmer, more youthful and noticeably vibrant. We are now able to deliver what is perhaps the answer to the fountain of youth – the Opti-Firm Skin Firming Series.

Eye Zone Care
Because the eye area has no functioning oil glands, it can be the first site of dryness, fine lines and other signs of age. That’s why it demands special care – in cleansing, nourishing, protecting and even concealing.

Beauty from the Inside Out: Vita Cura™
The Via Cura Collection creates proper skin and body balance. Harvested by Deep Sea Divers ensuring the freshest, richest Pre Energy Seaweed – a comprehensive source of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids.

A wide range of body, hand and foot creams with seaweed and anti-oxidants will keep your skin soft, smooth and supple. For toning and firming, try any of our Contour Firming products to fight cellulite and toxins.