Geneveve Treatment 2017-10-03T01:54:28+00:00

Geneveve Treatment

The Geneveve treatment uses RF technology with integrated contact cooling to safely treat the conditions of vaginal rejuvenation that include (Pain, Lubrication, Sexual Function, Arousal, Orgasm, Desire, Urinary Incontinence, & Overactive bladder (frequency). The treatment encourages the following:

  • Improve vaginal laxity (looseness or overstretched vaginal wall)
  • Increase vaginal lubrication and reduce painful intercourse
  • Improve stress or urge incontinence, bladder leakage or frequency
  • Increase vaginal sensitivity for improved intimacy
  • Increase quality and intensity of climax
How soon will I see improvement after the Geneveve® treatment? 2017-10-10T14:23:20+00:00

Most women feel improvement within a few weeks, with noticeable improvement in sensitivity, tightness, reduction or elimination of stress incontinence within 6 to 9 weeks. (Results May Vary)

How many applications of the Geneveve® treatment do I need to see results? 2017-09-26T01:51:52+00:00

Only 1 treatment. Unlike other medical devices delivering radio frequency pulses to improve vaginal collagen and elastin, the more advanced and effective Geneveve® treatment takes only one 30 minute treatment in our office.

Can I go back to work right after the Geneveve® treatment? 2017-09-26T01:53:45+00:00

Yes. In most cases, you can return to normal activity immediately following your treatment.

Are there any side effects during or after the Geneveve® treatment? 2017-09-26T01:54:28+00:00

Most women don’t experience any side effects during or after the Geneveve® treatment.

Is the procedure painful? 2017-07-12T01:01:28+00:00

Most women experience a sensation of heating and cooling during the treatment, but usually no pain or discomfort.

How long is the Geneveve® treatment? 2017-09-26T01:52:33+00:00

The Geneveve® treatment only takes approximately 30 minutes to complete in our office.

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